Landlords Direct are an online, hybrid private landlord

Welcome to Landlords Direct

Landlords Direct own one of the largest privately-owned rental portfolios in the UK.

We strive to provide our tenants with good quality accommodation for you to make your home. We have over 25 years of experience as landlords and know what it is that people want from a home and what’s involved with the rental process.

We decided 3 years ago that the usual way of renting property by contacting a lettings agent was either too slow and clunky and also too expensive. We also found that many people are working during the day and simply cannot spend time either making phone calls or calling into an office during normal hours. This resulted in the prospective tenants missing out on the property they wanted.

As a result, we decided to deal directly with our tenants and have spent the last 3 years developing an online system that will enable tenants and prospective tenants to login 24/7 and book viewings make payments and report maintenance issues.

All of this is linked seamlessly to our support system allowing for faster response times and an overall more efficient renting experience.

Once our system had been tested and proven all that was left was to give ourselves as landlords a name. After lots of debate we came up with Landlords Direct. As they say it does what it says on the tin.

We feel that this is the future of renting property and we hope you enjoy renting your home with us.